The Importance of a Good Poker Face

I’m not having good luck with these camcorders so far. I have experienced technical difficulties both times that I have checked out a camcorder. The first time, the battery died in less than 30 minutes.

Dead Battery Pineapple Express

On the bright side, I got just enough video to put together my short video. I went back to practice this week to get another sequence and some portrait shots. Ali was nice enough to stay after practice, so I was going to try to make this quick. The camcorder had other plans. I tried to use the zoom slider, but it was broken. No big deal. I just moved closer. I pushed the Record button, and the screen said there was No Memory Card Found. Now, the camcorder was lying to me. There was definitely a memory card in slot A and it had been initialized. Time to start panicking.

Screaming Internally

I decided the best course of action would be to pretend like I’m pushing buttons and making adjustments until I figured out what to do. I didn’t even say anything. I just kept a straight face and let the awkward silence fill the gym.

Don’t say anything, man. Don’t let her know that you’re stupid. Too many people know it already.

My master plan was to move the memory card from slot A to slot B. And it worked! I managed to keep the illusion that I knew what I was doing. Oh, and the video turned out nice too.

Mission Accomplished Kronk

I feel like the check-out room just wants to see me struggle.


Writing for the Senses

In Monday’s lecture, we learned about writing for the ear. It’s all about making some really enjoyable audio. You just have to find some cool sounds. Throw in some puns. A nice speaking voice would help too. But why stop at writing for the ear? Some of us don’t have the heaven-sent vocal chords of Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman

That’s why I propose we start writing for the nose. Get some sheets of freshly pressed paper. Make sure that they’re so new that they’re still warm and they smell new. Then, go buy some of those markers that smell like fruit. I suggest writing with the strawberry one. Strawberries make me happy and they smell good, so it’s a win-win. Now that you’ve written your first draft in strawberry-scented marker, spray your draft with your best cologne. Any cologne will do. Make it your own. Now it’s a final copy. Yeah, that’s really all that you had to do. Then, go downtown and just start reading your paper out loud. People will be drawn in by your sweet-smelling words. Then, they’ll notice your excellent taste in writing utensils and body spray. You’ll seem like such a well-rounded individual that they’ll have to be your friend. Now, you have a lot of friends and you smell nice. Might as well just retire now.

Bill Clinton There's More

Let’s go even further now! I say we start writing for taste. First, you get a big round pan. Next, you put your paper on the pan. Don’t start writing yet though. There will be plenty of time for that later. Now, roll out some dough on top of your paper. Make it flat and roll it a little around the edges. Put some tomato sauce on top of the dough. Sprinkle on a bunch of mozzarella cheese. You could even add some meat if you want. I suggest pepperoni, but that’s just me. Then, preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Before you put your first draft into the oven, remove the paper from under the dough. Put the draft into the oven and wait about 20 minutes for the editing process to take place. Now, take your piece of paper and write “Pizza Party” on it and tape it to your front door. When all of your neighbors show up, let them eat some of your final draft. Everyone loves a good…pizza. Oh, I just made a pizza. I’m hungry.

Will Smith TA DAH!

The Revolution Must Be Documented!

I’m really pumped about Kansas City sports right now! The Royals finally made it back to the playoffs and are having success so far.

Finally! The Rock

The Chiefs beat Tom Brady and the Patriots 41-10 on Monday Night Football this week. I was worried about them when they started 0-2 with a lot of injuries, but they have really bounced back.

In honor of Kansas City’s current (and hopefully future) success, I thought I would find some cool Kansas City sports documentaries and link them in here. The problem is there aren’t very many to choose from. The only well-known documentary that I could find was the Hard Knocks series about the Chiefs training camp in 2007. That’s when the Hard Knocks series was reaching it’s peak popularity, and it was assumed that the Chiefs were on their way up too. Then the Chiefs went 4-12 in the 2007 season, and Hard Knocks started losing its allure because teams didn’t want to end up like the Chiefs.

This is the video that is most memorable for me from that Hard Knocks series.

It’s entertaining, but I can see why the Chiefs weren’t very good that year.

All this talk of past Chiefs failure isn’t really what I wanted to talk about and it kind of has me feeling down. I really wanted to find a documentary on the Royals’ 1985 World Series win against the St. Louis Cardinals. I was surprised that absolutely nothing came out of that Google search.

That Royals championship team was an underdog just like the current team. “Experts” were giving the Royals some low odds to win it all against the Cardinals who were huge favorites. Kansas City fans just channelled their inner Lloyd Christmas:

Dumb and Dumber

I know that Dumb and Dumber came out after the Royals won the World Series, but Kansas City sports fans were saying that before it was cool.

My dream scenario for this postseason: The Royals meet the Cardinals in the World Series, where it goes to seven games, and the Royals win with a walk-off home run in the ninth inning. That would be perfect documentary material!

I know it sounds like I’m railing on the Cardinals, but there are way too many Cardinals supporters in Columbia, and I just want to let them know that:

Jedediah Atkinson

PhotoShop? More Like Phony-Shop! (Ha!)

I have been having a lot of problems in my recent assignments with using PhotoShop effects that go against the photojournalism code of ethics as stated by the Associated Press. I’m basically losing points because I go crazy when I get in PhotoShop and add a lot of cool/unethical effects to my pictures. My first reaction was to revert back to a previous article and think:

I will not apologize for art

But then I started to think about what I was actually doing with these effects. I’m in a journalism class. Journalism is all about the truth. If I alter my pictures too much, then I am altering the truth. That goes against everything that this school has been trying to teach me. I made some cool pictures, but in a journalistic sense I am fabricating stories. I’m glad I realized that now in this class before I tried to do this on a larger scale where I could get in trouble. It’s nothing too hard to fix. I just need to calm down with the effects.

Calm Yourself

I love playing with effects in PhotoShop and I’ll probably struggle with the same thing in Premiere. I just need to remember that there’s a certain time for that. This class is about pictures and video (which I enjoy editing every now and then in my free time), but it is still a journalism class, so the simple facts of basic, quality pictures will get the job done. Just turn in clean pictures for this class, and then I can use the crazy effects later.

Journalism just can’t handle how fancy I can get.

I'm So Fancy Batman

Quality Followers on Twitter and How to Become One (Maybe)

After Monday’s lecture about Twitter, I decided to find out who my quality followers are. I determined that my best followers are @SaraLin_33 (Sara Lin) and @MadisonRounkles (Madison Rounkles). As of now, Sara has 2,816 tweets and 716 followers. Madison only has 1,542 tweets (which is still a lot), but she has 863 followers.

I only have 250 tweets and 74 followers, so my tweets don’t normally reach very many people. But if I can get one of those two to retweet my tweet, then it can reach so many more people.


I also think I found the secret to getting a lot of followers. First, follow a lot of accounts and retweet some of their tweets. Then, some of those accounts will follow you back. And other people that also enjoy those accounts will follow you too. Tweeting a lot can’t hurt either. This is really just a guess though. Very similar to thinking you can do something because you’ve seen it on TV a lot.

I Immediately Regret This Decision

I do think there’s some truth to what I’ve said though. Sara and Madison each follow about twice as many accounts as follow them. It’s all about making yourself available.

Feel free to follow them. There’s some funny stuff there.

Kreklow is Set to Lead Mizzou

I went to Mizzou’s volleyball game Tuesday thinking about two options for my upcoming projects. I could make them all about sophomore outside hitter Carly Kan (left) or freshman setter Ali Kreklow (right).

Carly Kan StanceAli Kreklow Stance

Kan makes all the exciting plays. She plays almost everywhere in the rotation. And she has a winning smile, as evidenced by the giant cutout that VolleyZou holds up every time she serves.

Carly Kan Cutout

Then, there’s those monster spikes that she unleashes on the opposition.

Carly Kan Spike

I even learned that she likes to sing and dance, and she is pretty good at both. A lot of people have already pointed these things out though, and I want to talk about something new.

Kreklow takes over for her cousin at setter, which seems to be the leadership position on the floor. There are so many things that I could talk to her about. Her dad, Wayne, is the head coach and her mom, Susan, is an assistant coach. She is replacing an All-American who happens to be her cousin. She has to find a way to earn and keep the respect of the upperclassmen. All of this is happening in her hometown.

Ali Kreklow Set

Mizzou lost to Saint Louis University on Tuesday, but Kreklow showed a lot of intensity and played well. She communicated well with her teammates and made sure that everyone knew where to be on the court.

DSLR You Ready to Take Pictures?!

Today I had the most fun in a class that I’ve had in a long time! We got to go outside and just play with our cameras and take pictures of anything that we wanted. I don’t think I’ve ever been this entertained by pictures of notebooks and water.

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took today:


I used a slow shutter speed to take this picture and it made the shutter speed part of my notes the most important thing in the picture. The shutter speed notes are in focus and the aperture notes are out of focus because they aren’t in the center of the picture. This may have been a complete accident and the shutter speed may not be the only reason why it turned out this way, but I still like it.

Maybe someday I’ll take pictures that look cool on purpose. Until then, I’m going to keep insisting that any perceived mistakes are just my artistic vision on display.

I will not apologize for art