I Did Not See That Coming

This is turning into a project about how The Antlers are trying to clean up their image. Yes, The Antlers are trying to be less Antler-y. The three members I’ve talked to have said that the group is trying to be less crude and more creative. Their slogan for this season is “Back to Our Roots”. The Antlers are trying to re-establish themselves as a witty and energetic student cheer section, and they are trying to move away from explicit remarks.

They stayed true to that mission in the first men’s basketball game against UMKC. They never really pushed the envelope for the entire game. Poobah Julian even anticipated when one member was about to cross a line and stopped him from saying anything. The Antlers were distracting, but, at the same time, were not particularly offensive. I actually felt somewhat disappointed. I didn’t expect to be covering the Antlers group that is calculated in what they say and do. I expected absolute chaos.

This project has taught me to never assume anything about anyone before you meet them, no matter how much you think you know about them.


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