Off to a Good Start

We had our first interview with Julian Vizitei this morning. Julian is the Grand Poobah of The Antlers. Liz and I talked to him for about 40 minutes, and we got some good content.

Some highlights of our interview include:

  • Julian described being the leader of unpredictable individuals such as The Antlers is like trying to herd cats.
  • Julian’s nickname is Leprechaunorrhea, for his red hair and a reference to an unpleasant STD.
  • The story about getting into the head of former Ole Miss player Marshall Henderson. According to Julian, it was discovered that Henderson had tried to buy cocaine with Monopoly money. The Antlers drew his face on fake money and threw it at him so that he could buy his drugs.

We plan on going to next Friday’s game against UMKC to sit in the student section with The Antlers. There’s also the idea of standing with them in line and going to their planning and research meeting. Julian said he could help us get interviews with other members too.


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