Let’s Get Down to Business

We have reached a lull in our assignment schedule. There’s nothing that’s really due for a while. But there is something big coming up. We have been doing all of these little projects, but we are about to face our true test. This will be a challenge to all of the skills that we have developed.

We are living the Mulan movie.

Mulan Cover

No one can argue that this is not incredibly accurate. Paul came in the room with all of his experience, showed off his shiny documentaries, and went to Los Angeles that first week because he’s all important and stuff. None of us had a clue about how to take a manual photo and simply checking out equipment was a challenge for us.

Plus we have a lot of people in our lab that resemble characters from Mulan, whether that be a resemblance in physical characteristics, personality, or role in the class.

First, we have Paul (Shang). He is the leader of our spineless, pale, pathetic lot that doesn’t have a clue.

Shang from Mulan

Then, there’s Professor Tsai (Mulan). I’m not saying there is a cross-dressing love affair between Paul and Tsai. It’s just that Tsai seems to have some attitude and I bet she could beat some people up.


Here’s Rachel (Mushu). Pretty self-explanatory. Talks a lot and provides comic relief.

Mushu from Mulan

And finally, the most accurate connection of them all: Steve Rice (Shan Yu). This is what Paul has been preparing us for. Steve (Shan) is set on conquering all of 2150 (China), with the help of Twitter (that falcon that he always has on his arm).

Shan_Yu from Mulan

Thanks to Paul, we now have legit photojournalism skills and an easy-to-understand schedule of due dates. Now that Paul has made photojournalists (men) out of us, we have to take what we have learned from him and use it to fight off Steve Rice and his army of final projects (the Huns).

Here’s the link to that epic training montage because that’s all I want to watch now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSS5dEeMX64

Now here’s my 2150 version of the chorus:

You must be swift as you scroll through Twitter.

Meet the deadline that’s at noon.

Make sure your source is not a liar.

Mysterious as the powers of the Zoom (recorder).


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