Our final project is going to be great! Just a quick run-through of what this website is featuring.

This Place Has Everything Meme

  • Interviews with three Antlers.
    • Julian Vizitei AKA Leprechaunorrhea
    • Mason Bartlett AKA Konkey Dong
    • Brendan Simpson AKA Fat Sajack
  • Game footage including:
    • The Antler Dance
    • Borderline inappropriate chants
    • “A noodle. Some soup. I want to see a hoop.”
  • Story time with Julian and friends
    • That time the Poobah tackled the opposing mascot at half court.
    • That time they made fun of Marshall Henderson for his drug addiction.
    • That time they waited three hours after midnight at a Holiday Inn to show a recruit that they support him.

It’s only a few more days until you witness greatness (or at least something that we think is pretty great).

Monday is Coming


I Did Not See That Coming

This is turning into a project about how The Antlers are trying to clean up their image. Yes, The Antlers are trying to be less Antler-y. The three members I’ve talked to have said that the group is trying to be less crude and more creative. Their slogan for this season is “Back to Our Roots”. The Antlers are trying to re-establish themselves as a witty and energetic student cheer section, and they are trying to move away from explicit remarks.

They stayed true to that mission in the first men’s basketball game against UMKC. They never really pushed the envelope for the entire game. Poobah Julian even anticipated when one member was about to cross a line and stopped him from saying anything. The Antlers were distracting, but, at the same time, were not particularly offensive. I actually felt somewhat disappointed. I didn’t expect to be covering the Antlers group that is calculated in what they say and do. I expected absolute chaos.

This project has taught me to never assume anything about anyone before you meet them, no matter how much you think you know about them.

The Antler Effect

Julian Vizitei, the Grand Poobah for The Antlers, said that The Antlers help Mizzou’s basketball team by getting in the head of the opposing team’s players and negatively affecting their play. He cited a game from two seasons ago when Mizzou played Ole Miss and Marshall Henderson. According to Vizitei, Henderson had a bad game. When I first looked at the box score from that game on mutigers.com, I agreed that Henderson had an off night. On February 9, 2013, Henderson scored 16 points on 4-15 shooting. That’s a decent amount of points, but his 26.6 percent shooting percentage was not impressive. After I looked at Henderson’s season averages on espn.com, I had a different opinion though.

Henderson averaged 20.1 points per game and a 38.5 field goal percentage in the 2012-2013 season. In that game at Mizzou Arena, Henderson was close to his season scoring average, and while his shooting percentage was poor, his season percentage wasn’t that impressive to begin with. Vizitei and the rest of The Antlers had some funny antics for that game, but Henderson wasn’t as affected by them as he thought. There were some players who played much more poorly as a result of The Antler Effect.

I looked at the last four years of Mizzou’s conference games, two in the SEC and two in the Big 12. I looked at the top 10 scorers in the conference each year and how they played when they came to Mizzou Arena. The opposing player that had the worst game in the last four years was former Baylor forward Perry Jones. In 2011-2012, Jones averaged 14 points per game and shot 50.3 percent from the field. On February 11, 2012, Mizzou held Jones to four points and 2-12 shooting, possibly thanks, in part, to the work of The Antlers.

The Antler Effect isn’t always a negative thing for opposing players. Sometimes top scorers actually put up better numbers than their season averages. The best example of this is former Texas guard J’Covan Brown. In 2011-2012, Brown averaged 20.1 points per game and a 41.7 field goal percentage. On January 14, 2012, Brown had a great game, scoring 34 points on 62.5 percent shooting.

My theory is that The Antlers create different reactions among top scorers in the conference depending on the player’s temperament. Antler antics seem to be hit-and-miss. Some players respond poorly to the constant jeering. Others rise to the challenge and respond with unreal numbers. Then, there are the players like Henderson that play close to their season averages.

The Antler Effect Theory involves the formula: (Game points + Game shooting percentage) – (Season points per game + Season shooting percentage) = Change in Production Efficiency.

J’Covan Brown Example: (34 points + 62.5 shooting percentage) – (20.1 points per game + 41.7 shooting percentage) = +34.7 points in Production Effieciency

The Antler Effect Theory can’t really be proven and is only a correlation between the presence of The Antlers and opposing player performance. It holds Mizzou team skill level constant over many years. Opposing team and player skill level is also held constant. There are some inconsistencies, but that’s why it’s a theory and not a law.

Off to a Good Start

We had our first interview with Julian Vizitei this morning. Julian is the Grand Poobah of The Antlers. Liz and I talked to him for about 40 minutes, and we got some good content.

Some highlights of our interview include:

  • Julian described being the leader of unpredictable individuals such as The Antlers is like trying to herd cats.
  • Julian’s nickname is Leprechaunorrhea, for his red hair and a reference to an unpleasant STD.
  • The story about getting into the head of former Ole Miss player Marshall Henderson. According to Julian, it was discovered that Henderson had tried to buy cocaine with Monopoly money. The Antlers drew his face on fake money and threw it at him so that he could buy his drugs.

We plan on going to next Friday’s game against UMKC to sit in the student section with The Antlers. There’s also the idea of standing with them in line and going to their planning and research meeting. Julian said he could help us get interviews with other members too.

Mizzou Holds On for Win Against Lindenwood

The Mizzou women’s basketball team won their first exhibition game of the season Wednesday at the Hearnes Center. The Tigers defeated Lindenwood by the score of 64-59. Mizzou broke a 12-12 tie with a 10-0 run to gain the advantage with 11:30 left in the first half. The Tigers took a 47-29 halftime lead into the locker room. Guard Morgan Eye made five 3-pointers and Mizzou forced 12 turnovers in the first half.

Morgan Eye sets up in the corner for one of her five 3-pointers.

Mizzou struggled offensively in the second half, shooting 20 percent from the field. Lindenwood cut the deficit to 5 points with 2:10 left in the second half, but Mizzou was able to hold on for the win.
“Tonight we were going through a lot of different rotations, and that always makes it tough,” head coach Robin Pingeton said. “This is an important game, but, let’s be honest, we’re preparing for down the road.”

Coach Pingeton is more focused on late-season success than this exhibition scare.

Eye led the team with 17 points, all in the first half. The next exhibition for the Tigers is Tuesday, November 11 against Missouri Western State University.

Event time: 7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
Event link: http://www.mutigers.com/sports/w-baskbl/sched/miss-w-baskbl-sched.html

Let’s Get Down to Business

We have reached a lull in our assignment schedule. There’s nothing that’s really due for a while. But there is something big coming up. We have been doing all of these little projects, but we are about to face our true test. This will be a challenge to all of the skills that we have developed.

We are living the Mulan movie.

Mulan Cover

No one can argue that this is not incredibly accurate. Paul came in the room with all of his experience, showed off his shiny documentaries, and went to Los Angeles that first week because he’s all important and stuff. None of us had a clue about how to take a manual photo and simply checking out equipment was a challenge for us.

Plus we have a lot of people in our lab that resemble characters from Mulan, whether that be a resemblance in physical characteristics, personality, or role in the class.

First, we have Paul (Shang). He is the leader of our spineless, pale, pathetic lot that doesn’t have a clue.

Shang from Mulan

Then, there’s Professor Tsai (Mulan). I’m not saying there is a cross-dressing love affair between Paul and Tsai. It’s just that Tsai seems to have some attitude and I bet she could beat some people up.


Here’s Rachel (Mushu). Pretty self-explanatory. Talks a lot and provides comic relief.

Mushu from Mulan

And finally, the most accurate connection of them all: Steve Rice (Shan Yu). This is what Paul has been preparing us for. Steve (Shan) is set on conquering all of 2150 (China), with the help of Twitter (that falcon that he always has on his arm).

Shan_Yu from Mulan

Thanks to Paul, we now have legit photojournalism skills and an easy-to-understand schedule of due dates. Now that Paul has made photojournalists (men) out of us, we have to take what we have learned from him and use it to fight off Steve Rice and his army of final projects (the Huns).

Here’s the link to that epic training montage because that’s all I want to watch now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSS5dEeMX64

Now here’s my 2150 version of the chorus:

You must be swift as you scroll through Twitter.

Meet the deadline that’s at noon.

Make sure your source is not a liar.

Mysterious as the powers of the Zoom (recorder).

Like Batman. But If He Had to Return His Equipment in Less Than 3 Hours.

I was going to record my narration yesterday, and I was going to make it quick. I just wanted to say what I needed to say, and then return the recorder. Unfortunately, campus is full of background noise that I wasn’t even aware of. Those microphones pick up everything. I was under the impression that I was sitting on a quiet bench on the outskirts of campus. But with the help of my trusty microphone, I was right next to the lawnmower that was driving around Jesse Hall. I moved further from Jesse, but I could even hear two people having a hushed conversation across the street.

I was frustrated. No matter where I went, there was noise that ruined my narration or my narration would ruin other people’s peaceful study habits. I eventually caved and just took the recorder home to record my narration in my room.

Until now, I did not realize what I had stumbled upon. I became a superhero when I plugged my headphones into a Zoom recorder. These gadgets bestow superhuman hearing on their operator. Imagine the great things you could do with this power!

He-Man I Have the Power

At least until you have to return it to avoid a fine. This is the greatest journalistic breakthrough in the history of this school and maybe even the world. When people look back through history, they’re going to remember three things: discovery of fire, invention of the submarine, and the Zoom recorder.

The Zoom recorder is decent at capturing audio from interviews, but its true potential lies in surveillance. Every journalist wants to know what their sources say when they’re not around. With the help of the Zoom recorder, now they can. Your sources aren’t going to say anything interesting to your face. They probably don’t like you. They’re going to wait until you’re gone to say the good stuff to their friend or to monologue to no one in particular.

Incredibles Monologue Meme

As soon as you leave the interview, continue to record from a safe distance. You’re going to be famous for all the juicy details you get from these post-interview recordings! Yes, this is very unethical, but no one will ever be able to catch you because you’ll always hear them coming.